The Last Supper

The Orlando Project

One of the twelve inspirational sculptures that makes up the “Gospel Garden” at The Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe in Orlando, FL.

A powerful and traditional image of our Lord breaking bread while seated at the center of this contemporary installation of The Last Supper.

The twelve empty seats invite the viewers to sit at Christ’s table and become the disciples of today.

The Last Supper Monument depicts a life-size figure of Jesus seated at a concrete table with bronze plates and chalice. 

Jesus is shown breaking bread next to his exposed ribs and having a cup to represent His broken body and blood sacrificed.

The twelve empty seats around the table represent each of the apostles chosen by Jesus at the beginning of his ministry. 

The same apostles who were with Him at the last supper prior to his crucifixion and then scattered. 

Now Jesus sits at the table alone and welcomes visitors to join Him and commune with him.

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