When I Was Hungry and Thirsty

The Orlando Project

One of the twelve inspirational sculptures that makes up the “Gospel Garden” at The Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe in Orlando, FL.

Inspired by the Gospel of Matthew 25:40, this sculpture is a visual representation of Charity.

It tells us that we need to see Christ in the poor and the hungry and that we should see our acts of kindness to them as kindness to Him.

Tim was in Rome the weeks following the creation of the clay original and had learned of the history of Santo Spirito Hospital near the Vatican and Bernini Bridge.

One of the oldest hospitals in the world and was the first in Rome to start treating the sick and lame without payment.

Timothy was moved to meet the administrator and show him the sculpture.

It was meant to be, he loved the work and wanted it placed in the steps of the entrance where it is still located today.

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