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Stations of the Cross first 3 Panels with Tim

We believe that creating a Christ-centered sanctum for your Stations of the Cross will transform our city and our state.

 -Most Reverend John Noonan, Bishop of Orlando

About the Project

Mary, Queen of the Universe Basilica in Orlando, FL. will proudly display all fourteen inspirational sculptures that makes up the “Stations of the Cross” creating a Via Dolorosa unparalleled in all of North America.

These magnificent bronze panels depicting the Stations of the Cross will help the millions of pilgrims to the Basilica better understand the extent and purpose of Christ’s suffering during His Passion and Crucifixion with the intention of strengthening the pilgrims Faith and leading souls back to and closer to God.

The Basilica lies within one mile of Disney, and within five miles of Sea World, Universal Orlando, and the Orange County Convention Center. More than 75 million domestic and international visitors come to Orlando each year.

The Via Dolorosa, when completed, will allow the visitor to make a spiritual pilgrimage through prayer, contemplation and “living” the re-enactment of the Passion of Christ through the detail and magnificence of the bronze panels.

Each panel exquisitely depicts the Gospel story by providing impact with context to the path that Jesus took, forced by the Roman soldiers, to His crucifixion.

The image of the Blessed Mother will be in all fourteen stations with detailed backgrounds and with references to Christ’s parables masterfully weaved throughout all of the panels.

The Stations of the Cross is world renown sculptor, Timothy Schmalz’s largest project to date. This epic project includes fourteen sculptures with life-size representations of Jesus on the day of his Crucifixion. The purpose of this art is to create a visual experience for Christians and non-Christians to deeper understand Christ and the Gospels.

The fourteen colossal sculptures have the life-size representation of Jesus and the principal events of his crucifixion represented in the foreground, with large landscape sculpture in the background that puts this principal scene within its biblical context. Using this technique of combining life-size figures with landscape elements such as trees, sky and clouds, an artistic setting is created that makes the viewer feel he is looking into doorways of spiritual realities; not as if the biblical figures have been pulled out of time and brought into the present world.

The viewer is being transported back in time, not only to witness the events that took place, but to feel the events with Jesus Christ.

Another amazing feature of these epic fourteen sculptures are that the sculptural landscapes include scenes and references from other parts of the bible, most notably the teachings of the parables of Jesus. The effect of this is profound; one can meditate or pray with the events of Jesus while also contemplating his teachings.

Art is one of the most important reflections of culture and has the ability to change society. This monumental work of art will be the most complex and largest Catholic sculpture park in America, and will stand as a symbol that artistically “pours precious ointment on the feet of Christ”, but will also act as an authentic tool to bring new people to Christianity.

The goal is to have all fourteen Stations of the Cross sculptures placed by Good Friday, 2024.

Most Reverend John Noonan, Bishop of Orlando

“We believe that creating a Christ-centered sanctum for your epic bronze Stations of the Cross will transform our city and our state. In addition, patrons of the arts will be inspired by your emotive works and such a spiritual landmark will both evangelize and help millions better understand the powerful message of Christ’s suffering for all people.

Timothy, we have learned that your work is installed in some of the most significant religious sites in the world; in fact, recently after leading the Angelus, Pope Francis concluded his speech by encouraging people to take a closer look at your sculpture installed in St. Peter’s Square. We likewise want to offer our millions of visitors the opportunity to take a closer look at your spiritual works of art, in the hope that in doing so, they will have a unique experience of spiritual reflection and peace.

As you know our nation today needs spiritual direction. We perceive your sculptures as permanent bronze preachers that will be powerful tools to help further our mission to bring God to our nation. “

…excerpt from letter from Most Reverend John Noonan, Bishop of Orlando to the artist, Timothy Schmalz.

About the Location

Mary, Queen of the Universe Basilica

The Basilica is not a parish church, but a designated place of Pilgrimage dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. 

In order for a church to become a basilica, it must be recommended to the Vatican, which then considers aspects of the church such as liturgy, sacraments, size, renown, beauty, mission and others in order to judge if the church is worthy of becoming a basilica.

The Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe was built by tourists, for tourists, with a mission to serve the countless travelers the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation.

Mary, Queen of the Universe offers a place to gather Christian pilgrims, a place to carry on the mission of evangelization of the peoples and lead the faithful to an increased devotion to the worship of the Holy Eucharist. 

The Stations of the Cross will enhance the beauty of the existing grounds and will serve as a spiritual place of prayer and reflection for all who visit the Basilica.

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