JEsus is Condemned to Death

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This is the introduction to the Stations of the Cross. The viewer first encounters a Roman guard signaling with his hand that you are in a restricted area. This is one of the figures within this project that acknowledges the viewer, and it is important that it is one of the first experienced in these monuments; it suggests, although you perhaps might not be welcome, your presence is acknowledged by the sculpture itself.

The Roman Governor Pontius Pilot, high on the steps in his judgement seat, is presented Christ and is represented in deep thought and concern for he does not want to sentence Jesus to death. With his one
hand he fingers a coin with the face of Caesar, alluding to the comment Jesus made when asked to see a coin “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s’ and to God what is Gods”.

The wife of Pilate is represented whispering in his ear, “Have nothing to do with that man” interceding on Jesus” behalf. A basin of water is being brought out to the governor, which will be used symbolically to wash his sin of condemning an innocent man. Further beyond, Barabbas, the condemned man who was freed instead of Jesus is being brought out.

In the first station there is a massive crowd of people, mostly expressing rage and hatred directed towards Jesus. It was important to accurately depict how many people were involved in the condemnation of Christ. Within this crowd of people, you can see Mary weeping and John beside her. Children also are present within these sculptures; they are represented mostly looking sad or

Jesus is held by a guard who holds has arms from behind. Christ looks stoic and exhausted. Both the guards in the foreground of this sculpture appear unemotional in contrast to the angry crowd.

Far in the landscape field there is also two notable houses, one built on rocks and another built on sand. The one built on sand is being blown apart by a windstorm, alluding to a parable of Christ.

One will also see Judas near the distant wall, hanging on a rope tied to a tree.

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