jesus meets his mother

The Orlando Project

Mary finally gets close enough to Jesus to stretch out her hand and hold his face for a moment. Her face is broken with grief as she looks into the eyes of her son. A pharisee grabs her head scarf and tries to get the attention of the Roman who looks away from the scene.

John, struck with grief clutches his face with his fingers.

A grandmother is seen moving her two grandchildren out of the path.

Many biblical references are clearly seen in the sculpture; in the crowd a man is sowing a new patch of cloth on an old coat, another is pouring new wine into old bottles that crack and break. In the distant background a man loaded down with possessions and a camel both appear to be trying to go through a very small doorway. In the field there is a pig being presented with a box of pears. A rich man is having an outdoor banquet near to newly constructed barns and in a tower a light is being placed on a pedestal.

Finally the next sculptured scene is foreshadowed with Simon in the distance being brought over to Jesus to help him carry the cross.

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